I graduated from Queen's University in June 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts, specializing in Computing and the Creative Arts. I was honoured to be the 2023 recipient of the Istvan Prize in Electroacoustics.

Digital Marketing

I was a Social Media Coordinator for the Computing Students' Association (COMPSA) in 2023, creating content for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and graphics for the various social media platforms. Throughout my time at Queen's, I was a crucial member in marketing teams for the Web Development Club (QWEB), Sound Production Collective (QWAVE), and the Contract Bridge Club (QUCBC).

Creative Developing

My passion for web development and app creation led me to code this entire website from scratch — no templates or website builders involved. More recently, my partner and I have created two web applications together, inspired by daily Wordle-style games. Check them out here: Hexcodle & Relatle. I experimented with live-coding in ChucK for my undergraduate electroacoustic thesis, some of my work and experimentation can be found here.

Audio Designing

I specialize in video game soundtrack production and enjoy experimenting with electroacoustic audio curation. In the summer of 2023, I contributed to GnomeFire Labs' design team, doing sound development for the beta release of their game, RaceTrap. Recently, I collaborated with Torchlit Studios curating audio for their idle screen in their upcoming game, Eclipse Descent. When I'm not in my room creating game audio, you can find me volunteering at CFRC Radio as a co-host for their morning show "Indie Wakeup Call".